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Updates for v1.3
Hello everyone! I've made the following changes to make your gameplay experience better.
  • You will now automatically wear a helmet when you enter any bike.
  • Your health and armour will get refilled when you kill players outside a DM Arena.
  • Added random weapons on spawn. You will spawn with random set of 2-3 weapons with limited amount of ammo. You can buy your desired weapons by going to Ammunation using /ammu.
  • Players will no longer get invisible on radar when joining Minigun DM. This had various bugs and effects on other things so I've removed it temporarily. 
  • Added Anti-Fall from bike. This will allow you to get back on your bike automatically when you fall from it. You can disable it using /afall.
  • Added vehicle names just like single player. 
  • Fixed the bug that showed GOD MODE ON or ADMIN ON DUTY textdraw on players even when they weren't in that condition.

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