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Server Updated to v1.2
Back with another update, Here's a list of current changes.
  • Added new city/area teleports (/bayside and /bb).
  • Added a textdraw under mini radar which shows player's current location.
  • You will now only receive 100% armour and health when you kill players in a deathmatch zone.
  • Fixed the bug which sometimes spawned you in Blueberry after dying in Sniper DM.
  • Fixed the bug that made player color black when leaving a deathmatch zone.
  • Added an Ammunation. You can buy Armour/Weapons by going to /ammu.
  • Players will now lose $1,500 on death.
  • Fixed the bug with /sf sometimes getting bugged into the helipad.
  • You will no longer die when leaving a deathmatch arena. Instead, you will simply spawn back to normal world.
  • Fixed the bug that collapsed some moneybags under stunts.
  • Added /day and /night command.
  • Added distance clue for moneybag. You can find the distance between you and moneybag using /moneybag command.

Don't forget to report any bugs in the Bug Reports section.

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