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Server Updates
Hello everyone. The server has been updated to v1.1 with many new features and changes which includes:

  • The random messages textdraw has been removed from the bottom.
  • Server's bot Woozie has been added which will keep telling you about server in chat.
  • Added a speedometer which includes vehicle name and vehicle speed.
  • When spawning a vehicle, you will now enter a vehicle automatically when you spawn it using /v.
  • Added /neon command. Includes 3 colors right now i.e Red, Blue and Green.
  • Changed the colors for moneybag and duel messages in chat as too colorful strings looked annoying.
  • You can now teleport to other players using /goto. You can also toggle it to prevent others from teleporting to you via /tgoto.
  • Added a text bubble on players who have godmode enabled.
  • Your health and armor gets refilled upon killing someone. This includes random killing and DM Arenas kills too. 
  • Last one, An echo channel has been added to discord server. You can use it to chat with in-game players.
If you find any bugs, make sure you report them in the Bug Reports section.

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