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UHF POLICE HQ suggestion
I suggest we make a UHF Police headquarters, this can be a headquarters for the police and it could be located in LSPD,LVPD or SFPD, when you enter the station u can see a red marker Infront of a cop,u step on it and have a conversation with the cop and he tells u that the UHF Police are failing at catching the criminals and asks u to be a vigilante and kill the criminals,once u accept the job u are immediately given a target to kill,the target has to be in the server with u.

So, if there's only 1 player in the game this mission is not playable.Every week there is a new target to kill. Once u kill it target ur rewarded somewhere up to 80k cash to 300k cash. If the target leaves the server it doesn't matter he'll still be ur target you will have to wait till he gets on again. U can turn the job on and off with a command incase u don't wanna do it and that's basically the end of my suggestion

Locking this one since there's a more recent copy for this post.
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