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May Updates (v5.3)
  • Fixed the bug that returned wrong player count in DM Arenas.
  • Duel wins/losts will be now counted and shown in stats.
  • Added "Last Seen" in offline stats.
  • Added a new dm arena "Random Deathmatch" (/RDM) where you will be given random weapons (good ones I assure you).
  • Slightly increased weapon prices at Ammunation. 
  • Your house(s) will be sold automatically after not visiting it for 10 days including the money and weapons inside. There will be no refunds in such cases.
  • Added achievements related to new dm arena. 
  • Fixed the the broken line in /ach.
  • Moneybag prize will be shown in /mb command now.
  • Fixed minor bug with courier missions. 

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