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New Updates (v2.3)
Happy New Year everyone! 
With the arrival of 2021, The server has also been updated to v2.3. There's alot of new things and changes in this update including many bug fixes.

  • Clothing system has been implemented. Hybrid Clothing has been added next to Hybrid Headquarters where you can attach/remove objects on your skin. You'll need a minimum of 50 score to enter the area.
  • Added leave message for deathmatch arenas. It will send a message when player leaves the arena only to those who are in the dm arena instead of all players. 
  • /day and /night commands are now back. 
  • Added a /me command to send message to players within 70 meters of you.
  • Added text labels to ammunation, headquarters and other enterable checkpoints.
  • Added /settings (/s) command where you can toggle different things. 
  • Added a timer when entering in interior to avoid falling under ground due to objects not being loaded.
  • Player stats have been aligned under proper titles now. 
  • Dragon eggs will show in your statistics now.
  • New spawn points have been added.
  • Dragon Eggs will now show the distance clue if you're within 500metres of it instead of 250metres. 
  • You can no longer spawn a vehicle with /v if you're already in a vehicle. 
  • Increased the amount of ammo for default weapons when you spawn.
  • Added /ranks that shows total ranks amd requirements to reach it.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the bug with saving stats. All those who lost their score and money have been compensated with additional money and score in their account.
  • Fixed the textdraw showing "Unmatched TILDE" if you have newbie rank.
  • Fixed the bug that didn't start the Find the dragon egg game.
  • You can no longer spawn a vehicle when in a race. Thanks to MrJohnnz.
  • Fixed the bug with spree textdraw not disappearing.

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