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Major Update (2.0)
Hello everyone! We have switched our service provider and moved the server to Netherlands. You shouldn't be having any problem with connecting to server using But in case of any problem, You can use to connect to the server. Anyways, Many new features have been added to the server along with changes to already existing features. Here's the changelog.

New Features:
  • Added Armour & Health pickups around some spawn points and in Combat & Deagle Deathmatch Arena.
  • Added a racing system. An automatic race will be started every 10 minutes which can be joined along with other players and will allow you to create highest record which can be beaten by other players. The winners will also get a prize in the form of score and money. Nitroboost, airjump and auto repair will be turned off automatically during a race.
  • Kills/Deaths textdraw has been added under your money.
  • Server Headquarters has been added in San Fierro. You can teleport there using /hq. For now, it will only offer you skin changing. More features will be added soon.
  • Vehicle Health has been added in the speedometer.
  • Sniper Deathmatch Arena has been changed to a new location.
  • A kill assist system has been added. You will get 1 score along with $2500 when you assist someone in killing a player. Assists will be logged in your /stats.
  • Moneybags will be saved in your /stats now.
  • Added an actor in the Ammunation.
  • Added a "type to win" system. Server will announce random words that you have to retype. The first one to type it will win rewards such as money/score.
  • You will now see a death/kill message in chat upon killing/getting killed.

Other Changes:
  • Private Messaging system has been improved. Added /nopm command to ignore private messages.
  • Skin selection location has been changed.
  • You will now get $5,000 on killing someone.
  • The money bag prize amount has been reduced giving you prize between 70,000-110,000.
  • Added new moneybag spots around San Fierro and Las Venturas.
  • /mb command has been added. You can save your time by using it instead of /moneybag.
  • Players will not be able to spawn hydra, rhino and hunter. They've been restricted to admins only.
  • Slightly improved the accuracy of the speed shown in speedometer.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the bug that showed speedometer when player dies.
  • You will no longer receive old weapons (Sawn-off/Tec-9 and others) after turning off god mode.

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