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Forum: News & Announcements
Last Post: Snow
04-05-2021, 08:39 PM
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UHF v5.1
Forum: News & Announcements
Last Post: Snow
03-29-2021, 07:35 PM
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New Updates & Announcemen...
Forum: News & Announcements
Last Post: Snow
03-15-2021, 11:10 PM
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Major Update (2.0)
Forum: News & Announcements
Last Post: Snow
10-18-2020, 03:46 AM
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Updates for v1.3
Forum: News & Announcements
Last Post: Snow
07-30-2020, 04:16 AM
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remove micro uzi
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Last Post: Snow
07-22-2020, 03:37 AM
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Server Updated to v1.2
Forum: News & Announcements
Last Post: Snow
07-21-2020, 03:42 AM
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Server Updates
Forum: News & Announcements
Last Post: Snow
07-15-2020, 03:08 AM
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Forum Rules
Forum: Rules & Information
Last Post: Snow
06-23-2020, 11:43 PM
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  April Updates
Posted by: Snow - 04-05-2021, 08:39 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

  • Added /ostats (/osts). You can few very limited stats of an offline player.
  • Added new achievements. Fixed the achievements (again) Confused
  • Implemented Top Records. You can see top 5 records of different things using /top.
  • Added /allach command. This will open a list of all available achievements and their status (locked/unlocked). You can also use /allach [playerid] to view details of other players.
  • Changed the design of /stats.
  • Fixed login music. Realized it wasn't playing since the reset.
  • Added welcome text and information textdraws that will show up randomly. Can be turned off in /settings.
  • Added highest spree in the player stats. This will show up the highest kill spree you've made till now.
  • Added K/D ratio in the stats under moneybar.
  • Updated and improved /FAQ based on topics with new content. 
  • Fixed Mount Chilliad teleport bug.
    and some other shit I don't remember at all. 

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  UHF v5.1
Posted by: Snow - 03-29-2021, 07:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

  • Fixed skin saving problem.
  • Removed /useskin. Your skin will be automatically saved and used in future after you select a skin in HQ.
  • Improved the logic for courier mission rewards. 
  • All stunt zones are now colored on the map.
  • Fixed the bug that didn't respawn courier van back to its location.
  • House title will be now automatically changed to Player's House after purchasing instead of "House For Sale".
  • House limit per player has been increased to 2. You can own upto two houses now. 
  • Changed player nametags to bars.
  • Maximum limit for bank transaction has been increased to $5,000,000.
  • Added a timer when teleporting to megajumps and specific stunt arenas to avoid getting stuck. Removed loading effect from Headquarters and Hybrid Clothing.
  • Fixed dragon eggs not disappearing after being found.
  • Fixed /goto problem. You can now perform goto command in your vehicle. It won't put you back in the vehicle. 

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  New Updates & Announcements
Posted by: Snow - 03-15-2021, 11:10 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello everyone, Sincere apologies for the long downtime of website, forum and server, all of them. A gameplay with tons of bugs wasn't worth anything either. Due to some some technical issues with the service provider, we have lost the forum and alot of users/posts. Luckily, I had a backup from October which I restored so we still have some of it left. Coming to the server updates, We have made a lot of changes to the gameplay, worked on the server economy, implemented achievements, reworked on houses tons of new features. The server now stores data in a different database which means all data has been reset. First, the management planned to restore the stats to the new database but then we changed this decision later and we have planned to start from 0. With the implementation of a new economy system and achievements, it was a wise decision. 


The management decided to bring a change to the server by bringing some changes to the server economy. Money really did not have much use before and it was a piece of cake to earn it. As a result, house prices, weapon prices at ammunation have been increased. Stunt bonus has been disabled which means no more money for doing stunts. This had to be done because the stunt bonus is client sided and with the implementation of Anti-Cheat, it will falsely ban players for using hacks. A new feature in house has been added i.e House Furniture. You can purchase different furniture (costs vary) and place it anywhere in your house. This is the best way to show off your house interior for other players if you leave the house locks open ofcourse. Other than that, Hybrid Clothing is no more free. Instead, it will cost you $30,000 per object attached. Editing the already purchased object will not cost you anything.

  • Added player achievements. You can use /(ach)ievements to see list of upcoming achievements and /ach [playerid] to view achievements of other players.
  • Los Santos Airport has been remapped to a brand new stunting arena with more objects and vehicles.
  • Mount Chilliad has been converted into a new stunting arena accessible by /mc.
  • Added two new parkour maps (/parkour4 & /parkour5).
  • Introduced a new teleport category "Megajumps". The name speaks for itself and it can be accessed using /t.
  • /mont and /paradiso have been added in the city teleports.
  • Changed the /sf spawnpoint and renamed older spawnpoint to /jizzy. 
  • Improved the teleportation. Changed the positions depending on if you're in a vehicle or not.
  • Fixed various bugs with the courier missions including disappearing checkpoints.
  • You can repair your courier van with /cfix when you're near the delivery location.
  • Improved commands. Most of the commands are now responsive, you can simply double click by doing /t instead of typing whole command.
  • Reworked on houses, Added house furniture system, added new houses and house privacy.
  • Removed automatic races because it had shit loads of bugs.
  • Slightly increased sawnoff damage and decreased tec-9/uzi damage.
  • Added a spawn pickup at the end of parkour maps which will allow you to spawn normally after finishing it.
  • Improved the duel system. Removed weapon selection, changed the duel arena and increased the maximum rounds to 10. Also fixed players not seeing each other bug during the duel.
  • You cannot teleport or enable godmode after taking damage for 10 seconds. This is to prevent players from avoiding deaths.
  • Fixed the bug that showed "RESTRICTED AREA" at random places.
  • Slightly rework on damage textdraws.
  • Fixed player settings not saving when player disconnects.
  • Fixed /stats. Couriers and other things will be saved and shown in stats now.
  • Server echo in discord channel will use your nickname instead of username to send messages in game.
  • Removed security question, Added a login time limit. If you fail to login within 45 seconds, you will be kicked automatically. 
  • Implemented Anti-Cheat, getting banned by the anti cheat means a permanent ban unless you appeal and tell us if something was wrong. 

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  Major Update (2.0)
Posted by: Snow - 10-18-2020, 03:46 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello everyone! We have switched our service provider and moved the server to Netherlands. You shouldn't be having any problem with connecting to server using play.uhfgaming.net:7777. But in case of any problem, You can use to connect to the server. Anyways, Many new features have been added to the server along with changes to already existing features. Here's the changelog.

New Features:

  • Added Armour & Health pickups around some spawn points and in Combat & Deagle Deathmatch Arena.
  • Added a racing system. An automatic race will be started every 10 minutes which can be joined along with other players and will allow you to create highest record which can be beaten by other players. The winners will also get a prize in the form of score and money. Nitroboost, airjump and auto repair will be turned off automatically during a race.
  • Kills/Deaths textdraw has been added under your money.
  • Server Headquarters has been added in San Fierro. You can teleport there using /hq. For now, it will only offer you skin changing. More features will be added soon.
  • Vehicle Health has been added in the speedometer.
  • Sniper Deathmatch Arena has been changed to a new location.
  • A kill assist system has been added. You will get 1 score along with $2500 when you assist someone in killing a player. Assists will be logged in your /stats.
  • Moneybags will be saved in your /stats now.
  • Added an actor in the Ammunation.
  • Added a "type to win" system. Server will announce random words that you have to retype. The first one to type it will win rewards such as money/score.
  • You will now see a death/kill message in chat upon killing/getting killed.

Other Changes:
  • Private Messaging system has been improved. Added /nopm command to ignore private messages.
  • Skin selection location has been changed.
  • You will now get $5,000 on killing someone.
  • The money bag prize amount has been reduced giving you prize between 70,000-110,000.
  • Added new moneybag spots around San Fierro and Las Venturas.
  • /mb command has been added. You can save your time by using it instead of /moneybag.
  • Players will not be able to spawn hydra, rhino and hunter. They've been restricted to admins only.
  • Slightly improved the accuracy of the speed shown in speedometer.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the bug that showed speedometer when player dies.
  • You will no longer receive old weapons (Sawn-off/Tec-9 and others) after turning off god mode.

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  Updates for v1.3
Posted by: Snow - 07-30-2020, 04:16 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello everyone! I've made the following changes to make your gameplay experience better.

  • You will now automatically wear a helmet when you enter any bike.
  • Your health and armour will get refilled when you kill players outside a DM Arena.
  • Added random weapons on spawn. You will spawn with random set of 2-3 weapons with limited amount of ammo. You can buy your desired weapons by going to Ammunation using /ammu.
  • Players will no longer get invisible on radar when joining Minigun DM. This had various bugs and effects on other things so I've removed it temporarily. 
  • Added Anti-Fall from bike. This will allow you to get back on your bike automatically when you fall from it. You can disable it using /afall.
  • Added vehicle names just like single player. 
  • Fixed the bug that showed GOD MODE ON or ADMIN ON DUTY textdraw on players even when they weren't in that condition.

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  remove micro uzi
Posted by: BIGDICKpuuro - 07-21-2020, 05:14 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

its unfair for other player when i use it

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  Server Updated to v1.2
Posted by: Snow - 07-21-2020, 03:42 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Back with another update, Here's a list of current changes.

  • Added new city/area teleports (/bayside and /bb).
  • Added a textdraw under mini radar which shows player's current location.
  • You will now only receive 100% armour and health when you kill players in a deathmatch zone.
  • Fixed the bug which sometimes spawned you in Blueberry after dying in Sniper DM.
  • Fixed the bug that made player color black when leaving a deathmatch zone.
  • Added an Ammunation. You can buy Armour/Weapons by going to /ammu.
  • Players will now lose $1,500 on death.
  • Fixed the bug with /sf sometimes getting bugged into the helipad.
  • You will no longer die when leaving a deathmatch arena. Instead, you will simply spawn back to normal world.
  • Fixed the bug that collapsed some moneybags under stunts.
  • Added /day and /night command.
  • Added distance clue for moneybag. You can find the distance between you and moneybag using /moneybag command.

Don't forget to report any bugs in the Bug Reports section.

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Information Server Updates
Posted by: Snow - 07-15-2020, 03:08 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello everyone. The server has been updated to v1.1 with many new features and changes which includes:

  • The random messages textdraw has been removed from the bottom.
  • Server's bot Woozie has been added which will keep telling you about server in chat.
  • Added a speedometer which includes vehicle name and vehicle speed.
  • When spawning a vehicle, you will now enter a vehicle automatically when you spawn it using /v.
  • Added /neon command. Includes 3 colors right now i.e Red, Blue and Green.
  • Changed the colors for moneybag and duel messages in chat as too colorful strings looked annoying.
  • You can now teleport to other players using /goto. You can also toggle it to prevent others from teleporting to you via /tgoto.
  • Added a text bubble on players who have godmode enabled.
  • Your health and armor gets refilled upon killing someone. This includes random killing and DM Arenas kills too. 
  • Last one, An echo channel has been added to discord server. You can use it to chat with in-game players.
If you find any bugs, make sure you report them in the Bug Reports section.

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Exclamation Forum Rules
Posted by: Snow - 06-23-2020, 11:43 PM - Forum: Rules & Information - No Replies

In order to stay on forum, You must follow these rules.

  1. Respect everyone. This includes all other members and staff members.
  2. Avoid discussions that includes racism, religious controversy.
  3. Follow the required format while posting in the sections where required, such as Ban Appeals and Player Complaints.
  4. Any kind of spam is not allowed here.
  5. Use common sense. 

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